APP version update explanation

APP ver: (Android only)
release date: 2020-11-18

New Features

  1. Support the preset of Deezer


  1. Compatible with more devices

Download url:

APP ver: only)
release date: 2020-11-06

New Features

  1. The feedback function has been added, and if you encounter an abnormality during use, you can feedback it to us as soon as possible through this function. Thank you!
    Download url:


  1. Optimized the bug that some models of devices cannot be displayed normally in the device list


APP ver: (Android)
                 2.8.8828 (iOS)
release date: 2020-10-29

New Features

  1. Support U disk directory playback;
  2. Support playing AIFF lossless music;
  3. Support preset music source: NAS, favorites, and my playlist as preset music source;
  4. Added the on/off function of power-on prompt sound;
  5. Added web inquiry entry when adding devices;
  6. Added update log and inquiry entry: >>”Settings” >>”About iEAST” the content includes: update log, usage skills, devices information etc.
  7. Added the display function of the new firmware update;
  8. Added 3D sound effect, on/off button for bass adjustment (only for AMP-i50/AM160)


  1. TIDAL: new API interface and login interface, support multi-account login, support song quality selection;
  2. Optimized the reliability of multi-room playing;
  3. Optimized the on/off button of Wi-Fi hotspot;
  4. Optimized the app UI display;
  5. Optimized other known bugs;


  1. The on/off button function of Wi-Fi hotspot;
  2. Unable to log in to Tidal in some areas/countries;

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