IEAST controller

The IEAST controller application will allow you to

Configure olio to connect to router (BLE or direct connection)
Setting management: EQ/ sound/indicator
Select input source (Wi-Fi/AUX In/Optical In)
Manage multi-room mode
What music is playing now
Volume adjustment
Set your favorite program as default
Add and control other IEAST products at the same time
Connects to more than 10,000 digital radios
Play music stored on your phone
Play music from streaming media (deezer/TIDAL/Amazon music/Hi-Rescloud /NAS…)


Please download iEast Play App from App Store or Play Store.

available in store:
App Store  Google Play Store

Main Menu

The main menu is the gateway to your music world. Browse your music, internet radios, streaming services, favorite library, playlist and search your music. Switch your audio input resources. Switch on/off streaming services.

IEAST Main-Menu

Room Control

The devices in all rooms will be listed and controlled here. You can play music in sync or mix different music in different rooms. Volume can be adjusted together or individually. There is also an option to pause all or resume. Setting of each room can be done here,too.

Room Control

Playback Menu

You can get all info of the song playing here and control all as you like.

Playback Menu

Device View

All device info will be shown here, function setting including music alarm, sleep timer and password setting for your device.

Device View

Local Media Menu

All local media resources will be scanned and displayed here, including music from the memory of your smart device, USB storage plugged into the device and home share in the network.

Local Media Menu

Services Display Menu

Switch on/off the music services here.

Services Display


Offers more considerate application and features


Radio Or Hifi




Lossless Music

Preset Content

Stereo Pair

Sleep Timer

Music Alarm

No interruption

Analog,Bluetooth input switch

Audio input and retransmission

Dynamic Album Cover

Language Auto-Detection

Internet Radio

HQ Music Service

Global online update