Qobuz is Available on iEAST Wireless Multi-room Sound System

iEAST has already integrated Qobuz in iEAST Play applications for both Android and iOS.
Qobuz offers music in the best condition possible to audiophiles and those who love music best. This service is designed to cater to highly specialized music lovers all over the world. The music collection consists of recordings as close to the original studio re- cording as you can get.

—the first music service in the world to retail CD-Quality, 16-bit/44.1kHz files, which are available to download throughout our entire catalogue,
—the first music service to offer CD-Quality, 16 bit/44kHz files for streaming,
—the first in liaising with both major and independent labels to ensure the provision of 24-Bit Hi-Res files, which make up the bulk of our catalogue today,
—the first music service in the world to offer 24-Bit Hi-Res files for streaming to its Qobuz Sublime subscribers.