iEAST Launches Wireless Multi-room Stereo Amplifier Streamamp-amp160

StreamAmp AMP160 is a new member of iEAST Wi-Fi sound system. AMP160 is the D-class Wi-Fi amplifier, which wins the traditional amplifiers in many aspects. It can per- form multi-room audio functionality to any pair of stereo speakers. The specialized iOS and Android applications offer you the easiest way to set up a Wireless Multi-Room Sound System. The applications provide the most powerful playback option, which allows you to stream synchronized music or different music from cell phone/Spotify, Tidal, vTuner, Napster and many other online

music services/NAS/USB flash driver/HDD. Featuring advanced Class D digital amplifier, this amplifier delivers 80 watts of power per channel, with low distortion and high current capability.